Best Personal Finance (& Tax) Apps

Those of you with business & charitable mileage, rental property, charitable contributions or other expenses you need to track,

LISTEN UP: New best way to track mileage & send me expense info!

logo-mainAvailable FREE in the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Android

(and best of all – because I pay for it – no ADS!)


  • Secure Records Transfer
  • One-Touch Dialing/Emailing to me
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Business Expense Tracker
  • Medical Expense Tracker
  • Childcare Expense Tracker
  • Charitable Donation Tracker (How about your noncash charity?)
  • A tax calendar

And a Coupon for You!

DOWNLOAD NOW & select me by name or zip code (45213) or with my ID# 59812. Then you can send me reports & receipts directly from your phone.


Tracking your financial info is easy too. PC Magazine highlights Best Mobile Finance Apps. Everybody with multiple bank & credit card accounts should try using an aggregator to simplify life and track spending. These are secure and don’t allow transactions, only review of your income & expenses — in one place. Don’t need to trust me, read about security in PC Mag.


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