Identity Theft & Taxes

This just in:

IRS Asking Some Taxpayers to Verify Their ID

Beset by ID thieves, IRS has set up filters to try to spot bogus returns before issuing refunds.  Of course, they’re not telling us what the screens are.  But some taxpayers may get an IRS Letter 5071C asking them to verify their identification.  If you get one, go to and answer some ID questions.  Processing will take another 6 weeks, so I hope you don’t need that refund immediately!  You can also call the toll-free ID Verification number in the letter.  Hopefully, they’re answering that one.

Ohio (and probably other states) have been using a similar program since the beginning of this filing season.  If you get a letter, follow the instructions.  If you pass the quiz, your refund will be released the next day.

REMEMBER:  IRS will *never* initiate contact via email or phone.  If you get a phone call claiming you owe IRS & threatening you, assume it’s a scam to get your ID or your money, or both.

Note that neither of these programs will ask you for credit card or bank info, only tax return info & innocuous information from your credit report (“third party authentication”) like which of several cars you’ve owned, or addresses you’ve lived at.

Call if you have questions.  I probably can’t come to the phone, but Brigid can handle your questions at 513-794-1829.


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