Are you a spender? Feel out of control? Are you a saver? Suspect you could save more effectively? Don’t know how or what you spend it all on? Is money stress disrupting your family relationships? Feel like you should have a plan, but don’t know where to start?


What is Financial Counseling?

How you spend money is about your values! If it’s not feeling that way, let’s talk. We have some tools; let’s spend some time together.

Rebecca Wiggins, Executive Director of AFCPE® says:

“Think of financial counseling as the foundation to a solid home structure. Once individuals gain knowledge and resources through counseling and education, they can begin to build their home based on their individual dreams…..  AFCPE® Certified Professionals are qualified to help clients through a variety of complex issues. They are equipped to navigate clients through financial crises such as credit and debt issues, bankruptcy, and foreclosure, as well as work with clients to develop and implement effective spending plans, eliminate debt, build savings and create meaningful solutions to maintain financial stability and reach the client’s financial goals.”

Diagnosis & Assistance with Money Attitudes & Problems:

  • Spending control

  • Budgeting

  • Saving

  • Help through the credit card & banking maze

Assistance with Loan and College Financial Aid Applications:

  • Mortgage

  • Auto loans


Small Group Financial Literacy Classes

Work is billed hourly, starting at the stated price.
Estimate will be provided at the initial meeting.