Financial Planning

Financial planning is simply the process of managing your financial resources to meet *your* life goals.  1TaxFinancial is ready to assist you in focusing on your values and your objectives in order to assist you in doing that.

What is referred to in the industry as a “comprehensive” financial plan can result in a document of dozens or even hundreds of pages, costing thousands of dollars, in which you have no investment other than money.  At 1TaxFinancial, we believe that it’s generally more effective to focus on specific areas with which you decide you want our help now!

We’ve identified the key areas and are currently offering the following packages:


Get My Financial House in Order:  If you’re not sure what you need, this is probably the place to start.  We will use the information you have to assess what you own, what you owe, and what you need to think about next.

  • Bring all your piles of financial “stuff”
  • Leave with an organization system for your financial life & a To Do list, based on recommendations by Clare and Jim.
  • Are you paper or digital? We can make recommendations for either – it isn’t the storage method that matters. You need a system designed to work for *you.*
  • Cost: Hourly, with a $300 minimum.


Invest My 401(k): Do you have a tax-deferred savings plan available at work?  Good!  Does your employer match some or all of your contributions?  Better yet!   Do you look at the choices offered with no idea of what to do?  We can help with that.

  • Bring your current statement and list of alternatives
  • We will assess your investment risk tolerance based on responses to a questionnaire and conversations with Clare and Jim to better understand your comfort with financial risk/fluctuations.
  • We will provide information to give you a grounding in the basics of investment philosophy, risks, returns & expenses.
  • You will leave with recommendations for investment allocation that you understand and are comfortable with.
  • Cost: Hourly, with a $500 minimum.


Plan My Retirement (available at any age, but recommended if over 50) Retirement should be a great thing, but without a plan it can be scary.  We will help you fill in some of the blanks and understand what you need to do to make a comfortable retirement a reality.

  • We talk with you about your goals & quantify them, including estimates of cost and timing.
  • We work with you to assess your current position, including savings, money in retirement plans, pension eligibility, and Social Security benefits.
  • For investment of savings and retirement plans, this package include all elements of the Invest My 401(k) process.
  • You leave with a plan to go forward – how to get the financial pieces working to get to your goal.
  • Cost: Hourly, with a $1,000 minimum.


Control My Debt (I’m drowning & don’t know where to start) For many people, debt is limiting their chances to live a better financial life and prepare for goals like a house, children’s education and retirement.  We will help you look at your debt and develop a plan to make it more manageable.

  • We look at the numbers together, including income, expenses, savings and terms of current debt.
  • You leave with an action plan.
  • Cost: Hourly, with a $250 minimum.


All work is billed hourly, starting at the stated price.

Estimate will be provided at the initial meeting.