Financial Counseling & Planning Tools

Financial Questionnaire - See how fit you are

Personal Financial Well-Being Scale - Measure your stress

Financial Planning Organizer - Complete background info & bring listed statements

Record Retention Checklist - What to keep, what to throw away/shred

Tax Preparation Services

Tax Organizer for 2017 Returns - Includes Client Information Update, Engagement Letter (terms of our relationship) & Consent to Use Tax Info  (required by IRS for me to offer advice, referrals &/or other services)  NOTE:  It’s a fillable form!  You can edit it, save it and then drop in the guest portal, even from your phone.

Document Checklist for 2017 Returns - Use this to help assemble the documents you may need to provide.

Questionnaire for Tax Credits - Additional information needed to claim Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and/or American Opportunity Credit

Tax Forms & Worksheets

NonCash Charity Spreadsheet  Excel download - To keep track of your donations of goods
PDF version to print: NonCash Charity PDF

Unreimbursed Volunteer Expenses Word download -  To document your out-of-pocket expenses

Mileage Log 2018 Excel download - 2018 Mileage Log

Online Tax Payment

IRS Pay tax bills or make estimated tax payments directly from bank accounts without fees or pre-registration; uses Third-Party authentication from your personal history – questions only you should be able to answer.

Ohio Income* Taxes Online requires simple pre-registration.

Kentucky Income Taxes Online requires pre-registration, credit card or e-check permitted.

Indiana Income Taxes Online no pre-registration, credit card or e-check permitted – with fees.

City of Cincinnati Online Payments requires City account number & pre-registration, but very simple to use once set up.

A few other cities (plus RITA and CCA) have online options available; check the websites. Note that payment by credit card will trigger fees, and will probably be treated as a cash advance by your credit card issuer, with an advance fee and interest from date of advance. E-check and debit card transactions may include nominal fees of $1-4.

*Many other Ohio taxes can or must be paid through the Ohio Business Gateway; other states have similar requirements.