Financial Counseling & Planning Tools

Financial Questionnaire - See how fit you are

Personal Financial Well-Being Scale - Measure your stress

Financial Planning Organizer - Complete background info & bring listed statements

Record Retention Checklist - What to keep, what to throw away/shred

Tax Preparation Services

Tax Organizer for 2017 Returns - Includes Client Information Update, Engagement Letter (terms of our relationship) & Consent to Use Tax Info  (required by IRS for me to offer advice, referrals &/or other services)  NOTE:  It’s a fillable form!  You can edit it, save it and then drop in the guest portal, even from your phone.

Document Checklist for 2017 Returns - Use this to help assemble the documents you may need to provide.

Questionnaire for Tax Credits - Additional information needed to claim Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and/or American Opportunity Credit

Tax Forms & Worksheets

NonCash Charity Spreadsheet  Excel download - To keep track of your donations of goods
PDF version to print: NonCash Charity PDF

Unreimbursed Volunteer Expenses Word download -  To document your out-of-pocket expenses

Mileage Log 2018 Excel download - 2018 Mileage Log

Tax Forms Online

Federal Forms

Ohio State Forms

Kentucky State Forms

Indiana State Forms

Online Tax Payment

IRS Pay tax bills or make estimated tax payments directly from bank accounts without fees or pre-registration; uses Third-Party authentication from your personal history – questions only you should be able to answer.

Ohio Income* Taxes Online requires simple pre-registration.

Kentucky Income Taxes Online requires pre-registration, credit card or e-check permitted.

Indiana Income Taxes Online no pre-registration, credit card or e-check permitted – with fees.

City of Cincinnati Online Payments requires City account number & pre-registration, but very simple to use once set up.

A few other cities (plus RITA and CCA) have online options available; check the websites. Note that payment by credit card will trigger fees, and will probably be treated as a cash advance by your credit card issuer, with an advance fee and interest from date of advance. E-check and debit card transactions may include nominal fees of $1-4.

*Many other Ohio taxes can or must be paid through the Ohio Business Gateway; other states have similar requirements.