Personal Financial Well-Being Scale ©

PFW Scale Crop

To find your “Personal Financial Well-Being” score divide the total of the ratings on the questions by 8 (the range is 8 to 80). For example, 45/8 = 5.6. National norms for working adults in the United States reveal that the average mean score is 5.7, 30% scored between 1 and 4, 42% scored between 7 and 10, and 28% were at 5 and 6 on the continuum.

If your score is below 7, call about Financial Counseling; if above 7, maybe a Financial Plan to improve progress toward your goals is in order.

For permission to use, contact E. Thomas Garman, President, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation; Professor Emeritus and Fellow, Virginia Tech University, 9402 SE 174th Loop, Summerfield, FL 34491; Tele/Fax: 352-347-1345; E-mail:; Web: This is the online version; the original question 2 is configured in a 10-step ladder format, and it is available. ©Copyright: E. Thomas Garman, 2004-2008. All rights reserved.


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