Secure Portal(s)


Safer, quicker and less trouble than fax or unsecured email – from any device!

You can send files without logging in:  PDF’s, Text (Word) Documents, Spreadsheets (like Excel), signed documents, even pictures of documents from your phone.

You may receive secure files from me two different ways:

SafeSend will include a simple email link.  You’ll need to answer a personal question — something I know, and you know, but others should not.

SecureFilePro will need you to set up a Connect account with password, but includes a chat feature and the ability to e-sign documents and pay your invoice.  You’ll get that info directly from me later.

Send me documents securely now via the “Guest” links at SecureFilePro OR SafeSend.

If you already have a SecureFilePro Connect account, log in here.