Why and How to Choose a Tax Professional

Taxes are complicated, and they change every year, sometimes multiple times.  Many people tear their hair out preparing their own, and then dread the notices that often follow.  You may do one or two returns a year; how many hours must you read publications to catch changes?  Learn More

Personal Financial Management 101

There are hundreds of thousands of books, websites, computer programs, and millions of people trying to advise you.  The cumulative effect is typically overload and shutdown, and going on with whatever you’ve been doing – which may be dysfunctional. Learn More

Tax Problems All Have Solutions

You have to know who to ask! View frequently asked questions. You’re not the only one who doesn’t know. Learn More

Starting a New Business

Lots of us are unemployed, underemployed, or insecure about future employment.  For many people, this is the time to pursue a dream.  While self-employment can be extremely rewarding on many levels, there are traps for the unwary. Learn More

City Taxes in Ohio

Many, if not most, people are confused about city taxes in Ohio.  As a California transplant, I too was mystified when I moved here.  The rules are ridiculously complex, widely varying, and often not effectively administered at the municipal level, which makes it all more complicated.  I’d like to take this opportunity to make it a little clearer. Learn More

Is Your Hobby a Business, or Your Business a Hobby?

Do you take photographs, sew, sell crafts, collect stamps or coins, garden, fish, bowl, build models, sell consumer products under a network marketing arrangement?  Do you receive income from any of these activities? Learn More

Taxes, the Environment, & You

Regardless of how you feel about it, the United States tax system is a powerful instrument of social policy.  The tax structure influences major & minor decisions by economic actors from the largest corporations down to individual families.  So what environmental policy positions are reflected in the current tax code, and how can you exploit them in support of your values? Learn More