New for 2019!

More than Tax Preparation

After many years of little change in how I run my tax business – and spurred by the 2017 Tax Act – I am changing everything! I’ve always prided myself on offering my clients way more than just a tax return, but I want to be your go-to advisor for all things financial.

How it Works

A step-by-step guide

  1. Send all of your tax information via the secure portal, by mail or fax prior to the appointment.

  2. I will prepare the returns and consider some tax planning opportunities for you.

  3. Make an appointment and let’s go over everything.

  4. Leave with a beter idea of your plans and goals and ideas for how to achieve them.

  5. Enjoy more financial freedom and reduced anxiety about finances.

What’s the Same?

I’m still offering tax preparation, I’m just refocusing the service on forward planning. I’ll no longer prepare your tax return with you present. Of course, I’ll continue to answer your questions year-round. Additional fees will only be assessed for major planning projects or complex questions requiring research.

What’s Different?

Tax planning and a financial fitness checkup are now integrated into your yearly tax preparation. Along with my tax preparation expertise, you’ll also receive a planning session to discuss withholdings, ways to reduce your taxes, and recommendations for your general financial health. The additional service also includes what’s commonly known as “audit protection,” coverage of any tax agency correspondence all year.

The Fine Print

Fees will increase $120 to cover the additional service. You can opt out of the additional service *but* all services beyond your tax return will be billed at my hourly rate of $150, including additional copies of your returns, taxing agency correspondence, and other year-round service. ($50 minimum)

Sarah Crawford