Forms & Tools

Financial Counseling & Planning Tools

  1. Financial Questionnaire – See how fit you are
  2. Personal Financial Well-Being Scale– Measure your stress
  3. Financial Planning Organizer   Complete background info & bring listed statements
  4. Record Retention Checklist What to keep, what to throw away/shred


Tax Preparation Services

  1. Tax Organizer for 2017 Returns:  Includes Client Information Update, Engagement Letter (terms of our relationship) & Consent to Use Tax Info  (required by IRS for me to offer advice, referrals &/or other services)  NOTE:  It’s a fillable form!  You can edit it, save it and then drop in the guest portal, even from your phone.
  2. Document Checklist for 2017 Returns:  Use this to help assemble the documents you may need to provide.
  3. Questionnaire for Tax Credits:  Additional information needed to claim Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and/or American Opportunity Credit

Tax Forms & Worksheets

  1. Request to Disclose   Sign & send in when you want your information disclosed to a 3rd party – mortgage lender, etc.
  2. NonCash Charity Spreadsheet  (Excel download)   To keep track of your donations of goods (PDF version to print: NonCash Charity PDF)  Instructions
  3. Unreimbursed Volunteer Expenses To document your out-of-pocket expenses
  4. Mileage Log 2017 2017 Mileage Log (Excel download)
  5. Mileage Log 2018 2018 Mileage Log (Excel download)
  6. Mileage and Expense Log  Undated PDF version & instructions

Tax Forms Online

  1. Federal Forms
  2. Ohio State Forms
  3. Kentucky State Forms
  4. Indiana State Forms
  5. Online Tax Payment (IRS, OH, IN, KY, local)